Monday, March 27, 2017

On the Path

It's no good to continue following the path
i'm on, but there is no other path
and if there is, i wouldn't follow it

What brings such quiet small despair
is that the path will not leave me alone
to simply follow it

It sings to me of gifts
that if i had followed it more wildly or wisely
i would have received by now,
or will still receive
if i continue to follow it, or if i turn
and follow another path entirely before it's too late

The promise is imprisoned in silence

This is not complicated but is the most simple thing ever

Wait for nothing
from anyone or anything

There is no protection from the promise
or the gift
or the failure

The last infinitesimal knot in meditation
will not loosen simply because i will it to
It will loosen, open and fall away
only according to some mysterious surrender,
surrender of the most cherished mystery

i will follow the path, then,
increasing my light by lightening
the weight every day
even if by only that one single thought
that i capture and torture no longer, but let go free
like a dry leaf in an unforgiving windstorm,
the most important thought of my entire life

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