Sunday, June 9, 2013

Three Newcomers at a Meeting Last Night, Two Had No Resentments

which gave me two more resentments.

I'm beginning to suspect
that people may not know
what a resentment is.

It's a very simple
natural thing.
Here, have one.
Have another, they're small
at first.

A person at another meeting
with decades of time
actually asked for a definition.
She didn't think she'd any
since she did her fifth step
in 1970.

I believe they're the raw material
of serenity, spiritual
alarm clocks, welcome
resentment! let's discuss!
let's burrow to the root!
get sunshine's agony in there!

I believe if you hung
with the Dalai Lama a while
you'd see resentment
in action, building soul.

Although it's possible
it's just me
& everybody else
is rigorously honest, shrugging
at the whole idea & truly
finished & resentment free.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jesus the Carpenter & the Unfinished Add-On.



Is Jesus home?

He's out.

You know when he'll be back?

I suspect it could be a while. To what is this pertaining to?

Well, he started a project for me, an add-on to my place over here on Via Way, and he's half-done and it's holding up the other guys.

Did you pay him?

Yeah, I paid him.

Before he finished? Tsk tsk. How much more does he have to do?

Maybe two, three days. He's doing a hell of a job, I hate to have to hire another guy.

Well, I'm sure he'll finish it.

Yeah, but when?

Well, as I say, he's out right now.


He's wandering around the general vicinity.

Doing what?

Saving the world, etc.

Saving the-- Oh! That's this Jesus? I heard about that! That's our Jesus?


Miracles, Son of God, so on?

Yes, sir.

Well, I'll be. Hmm. I must say I'm rather surprised. He kept to himself on the job. Had very little to say actually. Of course, you could tell he was thinking.

Yes, always thinking.

Huh! Well, I'll be darned. Okay. Of course this doesn't exactly solve my problem, does it?

Perhaps not, but it puts it into context.

How's that?

Well, he's saving the world, and you're worried about your add-on.

You trivialize my house being in an uproar with an unfinished room? Bare drywall, dust everywhere. And it's not just a room, it's the den slash home office I've always dreamed about. You don't think these rather extreme suggestions he's making about himself might be called into serious question if it gets around that he's left my add-on half-done? And who knows how many other projects he's left in the lurch. There could be three-legged tables and unhung doors all over Nazareth. You can't up and start a new profession without tying your loose ends up first. No, ma'am, I don't think he'd want this to get around. Bad for business.

I hope you're not talking about blackmailing the Son of God.

No, but I am considering small claims court. My goodness, the Son of God. Such a quiet fella on the job. Although he talked to himself a lot, come to think of it. Working something out. Well, tell him I came by. I really think he could knock it off in two, three days. Maybe he could just come over on the weekend. I'll gladly pay overtime.

I'll tell him. I'll let him know.

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