Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forget Everything You Ever Knew About Writing. (1)

(Any treasure will survive the forgetting.)

1. The biggest myth about writing a story is this business
about beginning, middle, and end. Do not worry about those.
There are no such things. It is all right if somebody wants
to go on pretending that there are such things, but we know
the truth now.

Simply write a scene. That's all. If you can't picture a scene,
you're not ready to write the story. If you can picture a scene,
write the scene. Forget about the story. There is no story.

The "story" and its "beginning, middle, and end" will take care
of themselves, like the organs inside of your body. To help the
organs in your body, go for a walk. To "write" a "story", simply
write the scene you are thinking of right now, just like you were
taking a walk, but instead you're sitting there. Then wait until
another scene suggests itself to you, and write that. Then one
day you will have a bunch of scenes. When you have enough, then
you can begin to arrange them in a fun way that will convince you,
and perhaps others, that there is a beginning, middle, and end,
and that there is a story.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Meditate

It is not possible to meditate

Please give it up now

There is no way to meditate ever anywhere

in this world which is made

for not meditating

Have you given it up yet

Have you abandoned all hope of meditating

Have you lost all idea of meditating

Has the very word meditating

become a strange garden of nothing

tangled on a foreign planet an infinity

of light years away


now you

are meditating

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