Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Has anybody tried the digital eyeglasses that switch analog TV to digital TV?

I'm somewhat of a backward fella technology-wise, so
I'm late to the digital game.

Because of a fortunate set of odd circumstances,
I am now on the verge of catching up to the 21st century.

I fielded a call at my neighbor's house where I'm
watching the place while they're on a skiing vacation.

The guy (on the phone, not my neighbor) was from the
Bureau of Digital Conversion or something. He wants
to know if I have gotten ready for the switchover to

As a matter of fact, I had not and was starting
to worry about getting a digital converter box
because it happened a couple years ago and I wondered
if any boxes were left.

"You could do that," the guy, Robert Johnston, I beleve
it was, says. "Or you could purchase digital conversion
eyeglasses, which are a lot cheaper."
($5 as opposed to up to $30 for a box).

I asked and made sure the glasses were not 3D because
3D makes me gaseous.

Mr. Johnston said I was eligible for both the glasses
and the coupons to buy the glasses. He said with the glasses
you just put them on to watch TV, no set up, no wires etc.
The digital conversion system is a part of the glasses
itself, in the frames or glass. I believe he said
the coupons were the same as for the box, which would mean
I would actually MAKE money, which would show up on the
credit card as a refund.

I didn't have my credit card on me, being at my neighbor's,
but my neighbor left his for me in case I needed it for
anything around his place.

So I used his card to get the glasses, figuring he'll be
happy to see he made money off the deal, even though
I'll get the glasses. He's already got satellite TV.

However, now I'm starting to wonder, are the glasses
better than the box?

Also, digital contacts were a dollar more, but
I have a wooden eye and contacts don't stick to the shellac.

He also offered digital chia sea monkeys, which I
demurred on. Furthermore, he warned me to be prepared
because actual real life (non-TV, etc.) is going to go to
digital in the 2020s. I have my doubts about that.

He said to turn the glasses on I would need to watch the
Grandparents Day Parade that will be on Family Channel
next Monday and the lead float would send a code that
would activate the glasses.

It's hard to put into words how much I'm looking forward
to entering the digital world at long last.

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