Sunday, September 18, 2011

Everything is not a tool.

Everything is not a teacher
to edify me.

My senses are not
hunters & gatherers.

In other words,
seeing is being.

Everything is not something
to carry
someplace else
and do something with
to get something else
or change something.

Here is a story
that is not finished
& does not make sense
& carries no meaning
beyond itself:

The phone rang.
People & things & places
were making many loud noises outside.
In order to answer the phone,
in order to make sure
the phone was ringing,
before I decided to answer it or not,
I had to close the door.

It is all right
to pause
learning & teaching.

In other words,

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1 comment:

barry young said...

what about charles dickens? his works tend be extremely descriptive because he was paid by the word.