Sunday, August 28, 2011

TODAY I talked to 12 other human beings in person.

"There are no medals for achievement
along the bodhisattva path.

Each stage, even enlightenment itself,
is like the different stages
in the growth of a tree.

The first bhumi ["level"]
is an extremely spectacular experience,
a sudden explosion of joy,
realizing that you could be generous,
you could open,

but beyond that the other bhumis
are less spectacular.

One bhumi develops to a peak point,
and then gradually the next bhumi
suggests itself and you cross the border
very gently and arrive at the beginning
of the next bhumi.

It is frivolous to ask what bhumi you are in
or to develop courses aiming at achieving
the various levels.

It is a very gentle, very gradual process."

-Chogyam Trungpa, The Myth of Freedom

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barry young said...

no medals for achievement? then why bother?

Richard Martin.... said...

No bother.