Saturday, February 19, 2011

A TOWN CALLED PANIC is the best movie of all time.

It's impossible for me to heap too much praise on this
unbelievably wonderful movie. It's the best movie I've
seen since I can't remember. I love this movie. I would
have loved & been proud to have made this movie. I
won't describe it, because. There're plenty reviews on
rottentomatoes etc. that describe it. I would be shocked
if you like this blog & don't love this movie. We
actually watched it twice on succeeding nights. I
taped it from Sundance I think, watched it, and then
accidentally started watching it the next night &
couldn't stop. See it with somebody if you can because
so you'll keep turning & looking at each other in delight
& wonder that you're seeing what you're seeing & hearing
what you're hearing & feeling what you're feeling.

WARNING: It's in French & has subtitles.

WARNING: It's animated or something like that,
and I generally cannot stand animated movies. Even
UP! I thought the second half sucked when they went
to that other country or whatever it was. But I loved
this movie, and it is definitely animated.

WARNING: There are talking animals in this movie,
and they talk in French! And I hate talking animals
because usually they all sound like smart-ass teenagers
dreamed up by 50-year-olds who got their ideas of
teenagers from other movies etc. But this movie, the
talking anmimals, well, you'll just to see & hear for

WARNING: A donkey says, "Merde."

WARNING: It will make you glad to be alive & you'll
want to tell other people about it & get them to see
it just because it is so wonderful, free, funny,
beautiful, unbelievable, etc. It should win all the
Academy Awards.

P.S. I also recently saw the Facebook movie, which
I thought was bafflingly juvenile & hollow, annoying,

P.P.S. I also saw Inception which I didn't finish
because I didn't care, but I liked that one scene
in the outdoor cafe where things were kind of blowing
up, and then the things that blew up, more like POOF!
then they blew up again, and nobody got hurt because it was
a dream. Other than that, who cares. There was one scene
where the city folds in on itself and one half kind of
settles down upon the other half gently, and cars and
people are going upside down and sideways. In A TOWN
CALLED PANIC there's a kind of similar scene that is much
much better, more interesting, and funnier, in which a
house is upside-down in the ocean, or pond, and they
saw half of it off and it falls down and catches fire
for a moment and then the people inside have to live
upside-down for a little while until something else happens
that's even better.


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I start where God says love other people.

I love it and I hate it because
that's where my resistance is, to the truth
of love. I don't have a lot of resistance
to God, I don't know why.
Thomas Merton said something like the fact
that there are good people
in such a bad world is proof of God.
Right in the face of the absurdity of it,
I can love God in this unloving world, the world
of wars, suffering, screaming, somehow
I can look at it in a way where I follow it
through the thickets and the turns and come out
in the clearing, with a teepee and God's
in there smoking and I settle outside and wonder.

But people, loving people, thats where I resist,
so I like the commandment to love my neighbor
as myself, or as I love God, because otherwise
I don't know if I would, or would still be a hermit
sinking into myself, becoming a stranger
more and more to myself, torn by fear of going out
into the world among people ever again.

When I think of someone I don't love, of the need
to love him I don't love, can't stand, in order to be
who I am fully, I can feel parts of myself, mind,
body even being riven off by that need, by the way
my not loving and the call to love cut me
as they pass through in opposing directions,
taking planed curls of me away. How can I love
and become myself when I myself am being gouged away
by the need, the commandment to love when
I will not, cannot love. I resist my soul
and it is only the soul that passes through the eye of the needle.

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