Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MIXED ANIMAL is on the loose again...

I've withdrawn my novel MIXED ANIMAL from MacAdam/Cage
& ended my association with that publishing house.

The action speaks for itself, the decision was a long time
in coming, I couldn't be more certain that it's the right
thing to do for my book and my spirit,
and I am at utter peace with it.

So, MIXED ANIMAL is on the prowl for a healthy publisher,
as is my earlier novel ORANGES FOR MAGELLAN.

I won't go into details here on the many reasons behind this
decision about Mixed Animal and MacAdam/Cage, except to say
that, in life as in fiction, all is not what it seems.

As I move on and seek what I believe I desire in this world,
I understand more clearly that the purpose is not the achievement
of desire, but what is gathered along the way.

Wisdom is less thrilling but more important than getting
a book published. And wisdom only comes from going
through the grinder of adverse experience.

Does that mean I am beyond wanting to get my book(s) published?
Oh hell no.

I just finished & submitted a long short story I love,
the first short story I've written in many moons,
& I shall now hurl myself headlong back into my ghost novel.

I want to be happy today and to treat myself and the people
in my life with respect and not let what I want get in the
way of what is good for me.

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Kerri said...

I'm sorry it's come to this, Richard, but I'm glad you feel at peace about your decision. And thank you for this amazing post. It's exactly the lesson I am still in the process of learning:

"Wisdom is less thrilling but more important than getting a book published. And wisdom only comes from going through the grinder of adverse experience."


Richard Martin.... said...

Thank you, Kerri. I'm shocked at the peace I'm in. If someone would have told me beforehand what was in store for me since July 2008, I would have expected to be freaking out at the end (now). But it's all freedom and serenity and looking forward. I knock the dust off my boots. I suppose I'd love to tell the whole story, but prudence prevails. How is your own pursuit going?

gae polisner said...

Richard, I, too, am grateful for this post, though not for the hardships that led you to write it. This business is ridiculously hard and, I think, a mere shell of what it used to be, in the face of the economic climate and the shifting shapes (and technology) of publishing. I wish you huge luck in placing Mixed Animal. I'm sure it will find a home and I look forward to reading it.

Richard Thomas said...

Ah, Richard, sorry to hear about this, that totally sucks. You won't say it, but I will...the Cage has dropped the ball, several of them, and it's a real shame. I'm so bummed about it in genera, not to mention MA, as well as work by Baer and Clevenger. Hope they get it straightened out. Try ChiZine, they're doing great things. Best of luck. Hang in there.


Richard Martin.... said...

Gae, thanks. I hear what you're saying about the business & the economic crisis, but even then what matters most is how people treat each other. That's even more important than books. Thanks, again, and, yeah, the Animal'll find his home.

Richard Martin.... said...

Thanks, Richard. I fled with my hat & my book & found nothing but sweet freedom.... I did check out ChiZine, thanks, and they look a little darker than I normally go. I like to think Mixed Animal's got an edge, but dark I don't think. I got a few places in mind, including a joint where a couple ex-M/Cers have already landed. Thanks again.

Mary W. Walters said...

I am looking forward to seeing Mixed Animal published. Keep us posted. I'm about to withdraw my novel from a publisher that has stopped answering my e-mails about the status of my novel after REQUESTING the full last June. Damned publishers. They have us at their mercy, but even leaping through hoops is not enough for them. Anyway, I know your work will be published, and I am waiting with baited (bated) (unabated?) breath. :)

J. Allen Fielder said...

Richard, you are one of my favorite people, and I have waited (often impatiently) to read Mixed Animal. While I'm saddened that I'll have to wait just a bit longer, I'm so glad you shared this post with us. You have always been amazing with your insights, and through your struggles, you've offered me (and I suspect others) clarity to our own problems.

Thank you for keeping us updated. I'll sit over here and wait for MA. *taps foot impatiently*

Richard Martin.... said...

Mary, I think it's basted breath. Or bastid.... Yeah, they have us right where they want us, but we have them right where we want them, too, only they're too drunk & giggly with power to know it.... Thank you for the good words on MA. It'll happen, in time. The main thing, which skipsw my mind now & then, is that I enjoy writing more today, and am better at it, than ever. The rest will all come out in the wash.

Richard Martin.... said...

Jeff, thank always for your kind & warming words. It's true that the difficult stuff we go through becomes worth it if we can turn it around in the writing and let others know we're not alone. I suspect that's the main deep purpose of all creative writing, finding kindred mindful spirits. If you want to read MA before the dang thing gets dang published, there's no reason it couldn't be arranged.

Jacqui said...

This untold story may be your next novel. A writer's journey. Many kindred souls would enjoy the story, though it might have to be classified as 'creative nonfiction' rather than a novel. I had a publisher very excited about my novel, send in-depth change requests--which in my naivete, I took nine months completing(while holding down my day job) only to have the publisher no longer interested. Live and learn.

Richard Martin.... said...

Hi, Jacqui, thanks for your comments, and I'm sorry you went through what you went through.... As I said, I've knocked the MacAdam/Cage dust from my boots.... A number of other writers have fared far far worse than I did at M/C, and their experiences with M/C are documented on the net.