Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fresh New Exciting Sexy Ideas for TV Shows.

All of these ideas are currently under serious consideration
by various top people in TV and movies. For your own good,
please do not try to steal them.


"Stranger in Blog Town"

Suddenly one day, nobody is able to start a new blog in town.
For some mysterious reason there is a limit to how many blogs
there can be in town, and that limit has been reached. Everybody
who was thinking about starting a blog and kept putting it off,
they go into a panic, fearing that now they will never have a blog,
unless they move to another town and start life over from scratch.

Then somebody with a blog dies for no good reason. Foul play is hinted
at. A waiting list forms to take the dead person's blog place. The
people who already have a blog are frightened, because they wonder
if the people who don't have a blog will try to do something to take
their blog place. The people who are on the waiting list are
afraid that somebody will try to do something to move up the
list. A brutal blog black market ensues. Everybody who has a blog
blogs about only one thing--the blog mystery crisis--although they
watch every word they write in order not to offend the people who
do not have blogs.

Then a stranger rides into town on a golden palomino. It will soon
turn out that she has the answer to the mystery, although, is her
"answer" worse than the mystery itself?

This is Movie-of-the-Week material, rather than a series. It is
suspense, with romantic adventure undertones.


"Tick-Tock, Hypno-Schnauzer"

A schnauzer named Tick-Tock was born with the ability to
hypnotize oversensitive people. He pants and looks in their
eyes as if he needed help. Then they keep asking him questions
about what's wrong until it's too late and they realize they're

Tick-Tock then gets his victims to do his bidding. That
consists of providing him with all the peculiar food he
prefers, taking him for walks that he escapes from to run free,
throwing sticks and balls which he may or not chase and return,
and providing him with various family-fare dog entertainment.
So far, so good.

The only thing is, a strange mastermind named Ernie notices
Tick-Tock can hypnotize people. Ernie tries to trick Tick-Tock
into evil schemes, e.g., hypnotizing all the guards at the bank,
or the cheerleading coach. Each week there is a battle of wills as
Tick-Tock tries to pursue his own self-interests and Ernie
tries to pervert what is a natural gift from God to Tick-Tock.

This is Animal/Adventure/Inspirational.


"Detective Tim, Embryo"

An embryo in a poor immigrant named Sandra is discovered to have
mystical abilities to detect evildoers. One day his mother is sitting
on a bus bench and Tim starts kicking like hell for no reason, only there
is a reason.

Namely, the person sitting next to Sandra has just robbed a bank
and is trying to blend into the crowd. Sandra sees a packet of money
with a bank label that falls out of his trousers. She rolls her eyes
and makes head movements at a cop who's in the area looking for the

From then on, there is a battle of wills between police agencies
who want to employ Tim to detect criminals through his kicking,
and Sandra, who wishes only for a normal life for herself, for
Tim, and for Tim's mysterious father who cannot reveal himself
at this time.

A team of doctors and scientists determine through technical means
that Tim will lose his detective abilities once he is born, but
minor complications ensue that make Tim not be able to be born,
but have to stay in Sandra's womb. At first, Tim is upset, then
accepts his situation and makes the best of it.

This is a Sci-Fi mixed with thoughtful domestic romance.


"Emily in Backwards Town"

Emily is a young woman setting out on her own to find fame and
fortune, starting from scratch. She's naive but tough, having run
an entire ranch since she was fourteen years old, after her parents
and sisters and brothers and whole extended family were taken away
on a spaceship during a reunion picnic. Emily had fallen asleep under
a table to sleep off some bad potato salad, the aliens didn't see her,
and she has felt grateful but guilty from that day forward.

Then, one day, the farm is destroyed in a tornado. Looking for
happiness, she stumbles into a town that goes backwards in time. At
first, she doesn't notice, because she is so lonesome and stunned from
her bad luck in life. She thinks it is her, but can't figure out why
the waitress keeps taking away her full plate of food, etc. But then
when she notices time is going backwards, it's too late and she is
caught in the strange web of the town.

But not all in a bad way, because she helps people. Since she already
lived in the time that the other people in town are going backwards
into, she is able to suggest things and give advice about the future,
which is her past.

There are also evil forces in town who want to control the railroad,
the saloon, and the plunge. They don't want her interfering in their
"good thing." Also, she becomes coach of a church youth softball team
whose success is threatened by its players regressing in skill levels,
and by her growing notoriety as a troublemaking guru. The team wants
her all to itself, but she is trapped in a web of helping people
by using her powers of being normal in forwards time, rather than
having romance or learning how to play jazz piano, which is all
she ever dreamed about.

This is a Mystery, with a flair of community crime drama.


"President, Zombie, Friend"

A zombie is elected President under mysterious circumstances.
The story is told from the point of view of the President's
childhood friend, Jim, who has known the President both as zombie
and as a normal person. The President makes Jim his adviser, so
Jim can provide stability and counseling 24/7, a needed commodity
as the President is highly emotional at times and completely
indifferent at other times.

The first episode tests their friendship as aliens land in the Rose
Garden. The President wants to eat one of the aliens to see if
somehow the extraterrestrial elements will make him not be a zombie
any more, so that he can start life over from scratch, but Jim
counsels patience until they can figure out what the aliens want,
although are the aliens themselves all or more that they seem?

This is political culinary noir.

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